Trnava - Parish Church of Holy Trinity (Modranka, pilgrimage)

The church and cemetery in Modranka are mentioned in written sources from the 16th century.

The local parish pilgrimage church dedicated to the Holy Trinity has a turbulent history. It was built in the Baroque style in the years 1650 - 1657. Its construction was linked to the older Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, which was built between 1629 - 1632 and was originally the end of the Calvary leading to Trnava. The church builder was probably inspired by the Church of St. John the Baptist in Trnava. It is reminded especially by the facade, where two prismatic towers beautified with lisenas. Slender onion roofs slender on them. The single-nave church is terminated by a polygonal presbytery and vaulted by a cross vault. In 1659, a chapel with an altar was added on the northern side of the church, and in 1767 it was extended by an extension to its present form. The graceful statue of Our Lady of Loreto is now located above the wooden altar.

Pilgrims began to come in larger numbers after the events of 1683, when Trnava and Modranka were threatened by the Turkish army. The helpless inhabitants fled to the Virgin Mary. According to legend, when the region unexpectedly enveloped the thick fog and stopped the invaders, the inhabitants were convinced that the Virgin Mary saved them. Pope Inocent XII proclaimed Modranka as a pilgrimage place in the breve of 30 June 1695 and granted full indulgences for six years to all believers under normal conditions. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Church of Holy Trinity burned down several times. In 1957 - 1958 an extension of the church was built. The present painting of the church dates back to 1968. In front of the church there is a Lourdes cave from 1944.

The pilgrimage in Modranka is always organized on the second Sunday of May. Many pilgrims - from vicinity as well as from afar - receive the comfort, strength, grace and encouragement of faith in the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

Source: Archbishop's Office, Archdiocese of Trnava

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Contact information:
Address: Roman Catholic Parish Office, Pútnická street no. 4, 917 05 Trnava-Modranka
Telephone: 033/5543 052;

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