St Thomas Becket Chapel (Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel) - Esztergom

Szenttamás (St Thomas) is one of the districts of Esztergom. It was an independent community prior to 1895 and took its name from Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. A thermal bath was established by Queen Anne of Antioch at the thermal springs rising from the foot of St Thomas Hill to the north of old Esztergom. This was probably the first public bath in Hungary.
A Baroque-style Calvary leads to the chapel on the top of St Thomas Hill. The six-station way’s buildings consist of coloured reliefs carved in stone and coloured wooden sculptures. The Baroque-style Calvary was built in 1781 while the Classicist Calvary chapel was built in 1823. The 41m2 chapel, which houses a relic of St Thomas, was built by János Benyovszky, titular bishop and cannon, in the honour of Our Lady of the Sorrows. The wooden-columned, rectangular chapel with triangulate vaulting has a small tower on its facade. The monumental Calvary statue group in front of it dates from 1781 and stood on Castle Hill before the basilica was built.

Address: Esztergom-Szenttamáshegy
Kermesse (patronal festival): 15 September
Further information:
2500 Esztergom, Mindszenty tér 3.

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