St Michael’s Church - Esztergom

The building known as the Rác (Serb) Church by the locals is a monument adorning the city’s main street. Until 1910 the Serb Orthodox and now the Greek Catholic church, this was once the site of the Johannite hospice and then some small churches. In the 1700s, the Serbs built a new stone church in honour of St Michael and Archangel St Gabriel. The Baroque-style church is a building with a tower on its facade and a single nave, set back from the street. The icons were made in 16th and 17th century Balkan and Byzantine style, the frieze with apostles dates back to 1740. After Esztergom’s Serbian population died out, the church’s furnishings and its rare so-called low-iconostasis became part of the Serbian Ecclesiastical Art and Science Museum in Szentendre. The building complex came into the possession of the Greek Catholic Church in 2000 and has since been beautifully renovated. There are 18th century tombs and crosses standing near the church.
In the basement, you can see the remains of the former Johannite church.

Address: 2500Esztergom, Kossuth u. 60.
Kermesse (patronal festival): 11 August

Further information:
(33) 631-681, 30/3166345

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