Queen of the World Church (Fertőújlak)

The former Mekszikópuszta was one of the farms of the Esterházy estate. Its school had one classroom where the lower primary school students studied in the morning and upper primary school students studied in the afternoon. The classroom also had an altar which was covered by screen on weekdays and the chalkboard was hung on it. Following the nationalisation in 1948, the altar had to be removed from the school. The parishioners chose the old empty barn of the estate, fabricated benches and erected the altar there. The previous granary having a surface area of 200 square metres was sanctified in 1950 after its transformation in tribute to the Queen of the World. The statue above the altar depicts Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms as a queen (with a crown on her head and the sceptre of rulers in her hand). The place of worship which received wood panelling on the inside by the work of the residents of the dead end village, which is attached to Sarród, and has been named Fertőújlak since 1976 , received its current form as a result of its renovation in 2009.

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