(Ursuline) Church of Immaculate Conception

The Ursuline nunnery was founded by a Viennese woman named Maria Niggl in 1746. This was the time when the first church was built to pay tribute to the Holy Cross which was also visited by Maria Theresa of Austria in 1773. The Neo-Gothic church designed by Nándor Handler was sanctified in 1864. The statue of Immaculate Conception can be found in the middle of its façade, while the statues of Saint Ursula and Saint Angela Merici can be seen in the compartments of the cornerstones. The Neo-Gothic main altar made of oak was given as a gift by Bishop János Simor. The altarpiece depicts the Immaculate Conception, the altar wings include the reliefs of Saint Ursula and Saint Augustine, as well as the small statues of Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus. The side altars were built to pay tribute to Saint Angela Merici and Saint Joseph, while the altarpieces were painted by Franz Josef Dobyaschofsky in 1864. The oratory of the nunnery hosts an exhibition of church art.

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