Holy Spirit Church

Here was once the entrance of the winegrower quarter beyond the stream Ikva. The church was probably built by the Johannite knights in addition to the hospital maintained by them. Its tower and Western façade may have been built in the first quarter of the 15th century. A finial with a weather cock stands on the hexagonal stone helm above the gothic windows since 1673. A Baroque atrium with a decorative gate is connected to the church and the foot of the small Gothic tower. The inner walls and vault of the church are adorned by the fresco paintings made by István Dorfmeister in 1782. The artist painted the larger-than-life figures of Church Fathers as statues standing in compartments. The main altar was caused to be erected by Lipót Kollonits, the bishop of Wiener Neustadt. The altarpiece of the church which is Gothic on the outside and Baroque on the inside depicts the Pentecost scene of the coming of the Holy Spirit.
The activities of István Dorfmeister in Sopron are documented by a commemorative plaque on the external wall of the church.

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