Chapel of St Rosalie (Moson)

The chapel in the triangular square was erected by the citizens of Moson in honour of St Sebastian, Saint Roch and St Rosalie, probably in fulfilment of their pledge during the plague of 1713. It was expanded in the second half of the 18th century; the altar was added at this time too. A new wooden tower was constructed above the facade. The chapel gained a new brick tower during the 1902-1903 renovation. Stained-glass windows were added around the turn of the century: the nave was embellished with ornamental decorations, while the sanctuary was decorated with a glass image of an angel blowing a trombone. There is a list of World War II heroes engraved on a plaque in the wall recess of the main facade. The Baroque altarpiece stolen from the chapel was replaced in 2001 by a new painting depicting St Rosalie.

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