Saint Michael’s Church

The first written record of the church is from 1278. It attained its grand, unchanged size in 1484 when the transept was added and the sanctuary was extended. Presumably, King Matthias also attended the sanctification of the church. Despite of its reconstruction in the 19th century the Gothic church preserved several medieval, 15th-century murals or fragments thereof. The wooden Madonna statue was made between 1460 and 1470, and the churchyard also has 17th-century, late-Renaissance tombstones. The mesh ribbed vault and its keystones in the sacristy, as well as the old, glazed tile flooring of the treasury are also worth mentioning. The Neo-Gothic fitting was made at the time of the restoration between 1859 and 1866 according to the designs of Sr. Ferenc Storno.
The Saint James’s Chapel next to the church is an octagon-shaped rotunda. The stone carving on the peristyle of the chapel’s gate: a tree of life in the middle with a dragon figure on both sides.

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