(Dominican) Church of Saint Jude Thaddeus

The Dominicans were settled down in Sopron by Erzsébet Batthyány in 1674. The monks bought a house and a plot in 1700 at the place of the present-day monastery and church. They installed a chapel in the monastery and established the Confraternity of the Rosary in 1703. The groundbreaking ceremony and the blessing of the present-day church was on 15 November 1719, the first mass was celebrated in 1723, at the feast of Saint Peter of Verona. The building complex was designed and the construction was led by Lőrinc Eisenkölbl. The Baroque fitting, the main altar, the pulpit carved from golden and painted wood adorned by a statue depicting the founder of the order, the benches and the confessional were carved by a Dominican monk in the 18th century. The two towers were completed in 1775. The Chapel of Perpetual Adoration named after Saint Thomas Aquinas was opened in 2017 on the side of the monastery facing Mátyás király Street.

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