Saint Stephen Martyr Church

Today’s form of the church built in 1752 was developed as a result of the extension and building of a tower in 1846. An atrium was built in front of the façade, the tower is covered by a stone roof. The organ standing on Tuscan columns was made in 1782 in the workshop of Fülöp König in Sopron. The altarpiece depicting the stoning of the martyr Saint Stephen was painted in 1911 by Károly Dodek who lived in Újbánya, Bars County. In the Queen of the Holy Rosary painting hanging on the side of the sanctuary Saint Dominic and Saint Mary of Árpád House kneel before Mary and the child Jesus. The two golden reliefs of the balustrade of the Baroque pulpit depict Saint Francis with his birds and the sower sowing Jesus. The parishioners deeply cherish the painting depicting Saint Rosalia of Palermo with a wreath of roses. The oldest of the sacral relics on the public square is the votive statue erected in 1717 – depicting Mary and the three helping saints (Sebastian, Roch and Rosalia) – which was erected giving thanks to the end of one of the plague epidemics. The 18th-century Pieta is a copy of the Mary statue of Sasvár in Upper Hungary which depicts Mary sitting at the foot of the cross and the dead Jesus lying in her lap wearing a crown. The Élő couple had a Mary statue erected in 1882 next to which they placed the statues of their patron saints (Anne and Joseph).

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