Saint George’s Church

According to a medial story, János Schmuckenpfennig, a citizen of Sopron, was involved in a murder. The perpetrator donated a plot – according to the sentence imposed by Pope Boniface IX – where a church was built in five years as a result of a construction that started in 1393. The church was used by the Lutherans between 1555 and 1673. Following the fire of 1676 the Jesuits renovated the building in Baroque style. The statues of Mary and Saint Joseph were placed on its façade. The eight side-chapels of the originally Gothic church and the whole internal wall received stucco decoration. Its altars, statues, benches and pulpit are all elaborately decorated Baroque creations. Hungary’s oldest organ, the 1633 work of Johann Wöckherl, a craftsman from Vienna, can be found in the church. The Baroque tower connected to the main façade came tumbling down on the street in 1869. The 55 metres high new tower was built on the other side of the church, on the rotunda of the castle wall. The following Latin inscription can be read on it: “Built for the glory of God in 1882”. The renovation following the destructions of the world wars also made the medieval parts found below the Baroque architecture visible.

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