Saint Andrew’s Church

The former church was mentioned first in a deed dated in 1438: “Szentadrás puszta has a stone church with a stone tower”. The ceiling of the tower and the nave of the church, which is still standing today and was built in 1750 in Baroque style to pay tribute to Saint Andrew, has a Bohemian vault. There is a wooden relief depicting the crucified Saint Andrew above the simple altar table, with the statues of Saint Anthony to the right and Saint Joseph to the left. The “Sacrifice of Abraham” on the tabernacle door of the main altar was made around 1800. The wooden relief of the pulpit depicts John the Baptist. The ceiling pieces of Jenő Bíró, an artist of Pápa, document the Eucharist in the sanctuary and the Holy Family in the nave. A crucifix built in 1909 stands in the churchyard.

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