St Anne’s Church

(Vica) Vica was attached to Beled in 1983. Today’s church was built in 1738 and acquired its present form after its expansion in 1870. The most valuable furnishings of the richly decorated interior with its murals by Ferenc Czanik of Kapuvár as well as its sculptures and flags are the 18th century Baroque high altar and pulpit, both of which are resplendent in colours of blue, gold and silver. The high altar is decorated with sculptures of St Ladislaus with an axe, St Stephen the King with his orb and angels. The altarpiece with its many characters depicts St Anne with her family (including the baby Jesus) below and the Father and the Holy Spirit above. There is an ornate cross with a radiant wreath and a crown above the tabernacle.
A statue of St Michael stands on top of the altarpiece above the Viczay family coat of arms. There is also a statue of the archangel on the sounding board of the pulpit, with a ball of flames in his hand. The unknown creator of the carvings “planted” the four evangelists on the pulpit’s parapet. A copy of the Makkosmária devotional image can be seen on the side altar.

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