Sacred Heart Church

There was already a Catholic church dedicated to St Helena in Csorna in 1281. The church burnt down in 1790 along with 270 residential buildings. After this, the population attended mass in the Premonstratensian church. Construction of a new church dedicated to the Sacred Heart began in 1936 and was consecrated in 1938. This outstanding work of modern church architecture was realised based on the plans of Nándor Körmendy. The five-naved church is 60 metres long, 30 metres wide and has a capacity of 2,000 people. The 180m2 painting in the chancel created by Sándor Nagy is the largest contiguous mural in Central Europe. The main altar made of Carrara marble and the main entrance’s facade are decorated with the works of Béla Ohmann. The two chapels were built in honour of St Theresa “The Little Flower of Jesus” and St Anthony of Padua. Their altar sculptures and the sculpture of St Joseph were carved by Lajos Krasznai-Krausz. The Stations of the Cross were drawn by József Samodai. The Angster organ was built in 1942. The southern oratorio is ornamented with a ceramic, life-sized Virgin Mary, which was created by Mária Flamm and the Zsolnay Porcelain Factory in Pécs. The ceramic statue of the Virgin Mary (with the Baby Jesus holding a cross tightly against himself and showing the rosary) stands above the altar.

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