The Church of St John of Nepomuk and St Gotthard (Moson)

The Church became Calvinist after the Reformation but was returned to the Catholics at the end of the 17th century. The present Baroque parish church was built in 1757 in a new location. At this time, besides the patron saint of the old church, St Gotthard, John of Nepomuk, one of the most popular saints in the 18th century, also became a patron saint of the church.
The sanctuary’s vaulting originally depicted the apotheosis of St John of Nepomuk and St Gotthard. The frescoes, painted in 1770, can now be viewed in the Hanság Museum. The nave’s vaulting was painted in 1938, while the sanctuary gained a completely new composition during the 1995 renovation. The church’s stained-glass windows were made in 1891-92.
The Baroque high altar is a pillared, canopy-domed construction, which is a replica of the altar at Mariazell. The side altars dedicated to St Joseph and St John of Nepomuk were created in 1770. The church’s newest pictorial depictions are the enamel paintings of the Way of the Cross stations.

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