Church of the Assumption

The medieval church and the village were destroyed by the Turks. In 1735, Adolf Groll, Bishop of Győr, had a new church built in Baroque style. There are statues of St Adalbert and St John of Nepomuk next to the high altar. Bishop Ferenc Zichy had the tower built in 1762, while Bishop János Zalka had the church enlarged in 1875. His gift was the two statues of angels next to the tabernacle and the statue of the Easter lamb as well as the side altar of the birth of Jesus brought here from Sopron. The high altarpiece from the 1850s shows the Blessed Virgin’s assumption into heaven. The church was restored in 1935 by Bishop István Breyer. At this time, József Pandur painted the frescoes on the vaulting: the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, St Stephen’s Offering of the Crown and the worship of Hungarian saints in front of the Assumption. The stained-glass windows were also made by glass painter József Palka at this time. The organ purchased in Vienna in 1875 was also renovated then. The choir balustrade is decorated with the coat-of-arms of bishops Groll, Zalka and Breyer.

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