Church of the Nativity of Mary

A charter dated in 1430 mentions the church which was visited by the Lutheran bishop in 1631 and which was indicated in the chronicles again as a Catholic church in 1644. The church rebuilt in Greek Revival style in 1806 was named after the birth of the Blessed Virgin. The nave is covered by a dome vault with a flat cupola in the middle. The sanctuary is based on a thinner, while the choir is based on two gross pillars. The majority of the fitting is from the end of the 18th century. The main altar was carved in 1929. The altarpiece depicts the birth of Mary: Saint Anne is resting in bed in the background, Joachim and the kinsfolk with the infant are in the front, and the figure of God and an angel can be seen above the group. The Baroque statues of Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus stand on the two sides of the picture. The group of statues of the side altar with the cross depict Mary with Saint John and Magdalene. The balustrade of the pulpit shows Jesus at the wheel well with the Samaritan woman.

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