Lutheran Church

According to a letter dated in 1815 “there has been a Lutheran schoolmaster in Újfalu for more than thirty years”. Therefore, there was already a master – and certainly a congregation – in the municipality in the last years of the reign of Maria Theresa of Austria. The Lutherans built a new chapel in 1865, and a new school in 1905. The church designed by Barna Káldy was built between 1949 and 1950 from the donations of the local congregation, the diocese and Lajos Németh. The bell of the church sanctified by Bishop Zoltán Túróczy is from 1866. The altarpiece was painted by Ödön Raksányi. The brass crucifix and candelabrum are the artworks of Bandi Shima, a goldsmith of Győr.
The new parish built from the former school building was sanctified on 25 August 2018 by Deacon Miklós Kiss.

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