Lutheran Church

The Lutheran congregation firstly established in Hungary in 1565 has had a chapel at the place of the present-day church since 1674. The wooden chapel was rebuilt in 1676 following the great city fire, then it was extended in the 18th century. Since the stone church built in 1722 turned out to be small, the congregation requested the monarch in February 1781 to allow the construction of a larger church. The construction was started already under the Patent of Toleration, and Joseph II stipulated that the church to be built should have neither a bell nor a tower, and its gate could not face the street. The church was sanctified in 1784 during the priesthood of József Torkos. Due to the watery area the building stands on 182 alder stilts. One part of the town wall came down during the construction of the huge hall church divided into three naves by eight pillars, and the debris was taken to the no longer relevant ditch. Thus, the first, non-medieval exit of the city centre was created. The sanctification of the tower and the bells was in 1867. The church in Sopron having 2500 seats is the third largest Lutheran church of Hungary.

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