Lutheran church

According to the roman catholic church visit report of 1697 István Török had the two altars and the sacristy of the Lutheran church of Szentandrás dismantled. He sought to make this previously catholic church fit for the exercise of the more puritanical Lutheran faith. The church as is today was built after the issue of the decree of tolerance of Joseph II with a single nave, late-Baroque, neogothic façade and tower. It was sanctified on 12 June 1785. Neogothic gates lead to the nave and the gallery on both sides. Its altarpiece made in 1871 depicts Christ on the Mount of Olives. The baptismal font is an 18th century artwork. The pneumatic “valve chest” organ was manufactured by József Angster and his son in 1906. The bell and the wrought-iron fence were made in the workshop of Frigyes Seltenhofer in Sopron.

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