Lutheran Chapel

The Lutheran congregation of the municipality is known from 1646, it was the filial church of the mother church of Bogyoszló. The residents of Jobaháza who retained their faith joined the congregation of Farád following the publication of the Patent of Toleration and the emancipation of the congregation of Farád.
The congregation received land in 1842, then started building the new school and teacher’s residence in 1847. They received a bell weighing 190 kilograms in 1859, then started construction again in 1869: they built a separate school which also served as a house of worship. Jobaháza has had a vibrant church society, and the sorority was established in 1896 which was operated until the beginning of the 1950s. The present chapel with a bell tower was completed in 1997 with the cooperation of the congregation.

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