Evangelical Church

The church was built in 1795. According to the regulations applicable to the protestant church at that time, the entrance to the building could only be accessed through a closed courtyard. Its Baroque furnishings were purchased from the Capuchin Monastery of Magyaróvár, which was closed down in 1782. The altar and gallery, which had been integrated with the pulpit, were replaced at that time – these were originally shorter than what can be seen today. The church was renovated on the 100th anniversary of its consecration (1987-88).
The old barrel-mitred tower was demolished, and a new tower with a Baroque steeple was erected. The church's interior was also renovated, a new baptismal font and chandelier were made, a new crucifix was placed on the altar, and the church organ was also renovated. A marble slab was placed above the entrance at this time, with a quote from the Book of Psalms and the date of reconstruction.

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