Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross

(Keresztény) Before the Mongol invasion, the village of Keresztény was the property of the Templar Knights, which later became the Order of the Knights Hospitaller St John of Rhodes and Malta. Their Sopron Prior, the poet Mátyás Nyéki Vörös, gave it to the Jesuits in 1636. They built a new church in honour of the Holy Cross in 1724. The village’s Baroque church features an eight-sided stone steeple with a double cross on its corniced clock tower. The base of the tower and the sacristy are wagon-vaulted. There is a gilded embossed shape of the Sower on the pulpit’s balustrade while its sounding board features the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. The high altar’s pillars and rail are in braided style while instead of an altarpiece, there is a group of statues surrounded by angels: the crucified Jesus, Mary Magdalene embracing the cross, John the Apostle and Mary. The Father and the dove representing the Holy Spirit can be found above them. St Emeric and St Elisabeth are depicted on the sanctuary’s stained-glass windows. There is a plaque commemorating the heroes of the First World War next to the painting on the north wall. Four windows remaining from the medieval church can be found on the south side.

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