Church of St James

Benedictine monks settled in Lébény during the Árpád Era. The abbey is already mentioned in a document dated 1199. The church, which lies at the highest point of the village, was probably built in 1212. Its patron saint is St James the Apostle. The building with its Romanesque features, is 30-33 metres' high and consists of a compact nave and two side-aisles. The nave is 16 metres in height. You can enter from the west through a Romanesque columned portal, where you can admire the rich leaf decorations and the two head sculptures, which legend has it, are modelled on the faces of the commissioning abbot and the master builder. The a secco above the entrance depicts the worship of the Three Kings. The south facade is decorated with a more modest portal than the west entrance.
The church is basically preserved in its original form and the barrel vaulting of the nave probably dates from the 17th century. The pulpit, the altars and the stained-glass windows were added during the 19th century renovation. There is a statue of St James on the high altar, with a miniature of the church at its foot.
The height above sea level of the first step of Lébény church's main entrance is the same as the tower of the Győr town hall.

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