Church of St Francis of Assisi

Istók, the brother of Örzse Kovács, one of the Esterházy estate's day-labourer, was kicked to death by a horse. While Örzse was praying for his brother in bed at night, St Francis appeared to him and urged him to build a church and monastery for the Franciscan fathers at the scene of the accident. Örzse collected pennies for decades, many supported her, and she finally had enough to make her dream reality.
The Marian Franciscan monks, named after the Virgin Mary, settled in Kapuvár in 1941 and consecrated their church a year later. The marble high altar was erected by János Nagy and his wife in memory of their sons who died heroically in World War II. The statue above the altar depicts St Francis and Jesus, who is bending down and embracing him. Reminiscent of Italian churches, the church is adorned with frescoes by Zoltán Závory as well as goldsmith Bandi Schima's work (the tabernacle door, the frames for the relics of St George and St John). The relief in memory of the two heroic dead of the Kapuvár monastery, Flavian Bali and Edgár Gerendás, is the work of Rózsi Izbégi Villám.

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