Church of our Lady and the Premonstratensian Monastery of Csorna

The most impressive building in Csorna is the Premonstratensian monastery in the town centre and the parish church connected to it. The monastery was founded in 1180 by the area’s patron and gained its current late Baroque, Classicist style form in 1790. The tower stands behind the sanctuary. The Baroque high altar dates from 1780 and the pulpit from 1780. The main altarpiece depicts the ascension of Mary. The coat of arms of the provost, the triumph of St Michael, can be seen above the throne. The left-hand side altar’s picture of the Black Madonna miraculously survived a fire. Prayer hearings are held in front of the painting of the Madonna, the first of which was recorded in 1761. The right-hand altarpiece of St Vendel was painted in 1874. The tabernacle was carved by Ernő Kiss, a folk artist from Bogyoszló. There is also an exhibition hall in the building, where permanent exhibitions provide an insight into the religious and secular history of the Rábaköz and Csorna. A Mary Column dating from 1780 stands in the park in front of the church. The pedestal bears figures of St Florian, St Donatus and St Sebastian with Mary holding baby Jesus rising from among them.

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