Chapels and statues

Egyházasfalu, Chapels and statues
Kisgógánfa: the Mary Chapel stands at the edge of the village on the forest road (it was built by the Sopronhorpács Széchényi counts)
Dasztifalu: the plague saints (Roch, Sebastian and Rosalia) statue group from 1710, the Holy Trinity statue from 1805 and the belfry
Keresztény: a lone chapel stands on the edge of the village, in a field next to the Szakony road. According to the inscription on its facade, “this was erected by the parish of Keresztény in 1876 in honour of the Virgin Mary”.
Other sacral places of interest
• Statue of Mary (churchyard, Ady Endre utca)
• Stone cross (circa 1860, Hunyadi utca)
• Statue of Mary (1807, Kossuth utca)
• Endre Réffy’s tomb and commemorative plaque (Fő utca cemetery)
• KALOT folk college - Ebergény castle (1942-1949, Fő utca)
• Towards Marácz, the Mary statue (Fő utca)
• Getlér picture (in the street on the way to the Keresztény chapel)
• Stone cross in the lakeside lay-by (1859, between Keresztény and the railway station)

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