The black poplar with its 520cm-circumference trunk and the Calvary next to it radiate the harmony of nature and human creation. The black poplar is a typical tree native to Szigetköz, of which only a few still remain today.
The Calvary was built in 1738 by Zoltán Apponyi, the owner of the village of Ráró, which was still independent at that time. The central structure of the building is believed to be based on the work of Martin Wittwer, who designed the Carmelite Church in Győr.
The oval balustrade supporting the trilateral vaulting consists of three slender pillars, which are cube-shaped at the top. There are three crosses under the vaulting: Jesus’s in the middle, with the other two those of the thieves crucified with him. Angels’ heads with wings decorate the facade over the column heads. The wrought iron cross on the top of the roof is a remarkable work.

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