Our Lady, Health of the Sick Statue and Monument to 1956

One of the village’s oldest sacral monuments still stood to the east of the present cemetery at the end of the 18th century before being moved to the road leading to Hanság. The statue of Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms stands on a tall pillar. The statue is associated with the tradition of many miraculous healings. The worn Latin inscription (“Salus Infirmorum, Ora pro nobis!”) has been replaced with a Hungarian text engraved in the marble plaque: Our Lady, Health of the Sick, Pray for Us!”.
Not far from this statue, at the junction of Hanyi Street and Acsalagi Street, is the village’s newest monument. The wooden statue does not stand here by chance. In 1956, hundreds of people were fleeing towards the Austrian border along this road to Hanság. They are remembered by Gyula Csiszár’s work, created in 2006, which shows a man, woman and child: the mother holding the child is looking towards home, while the father is already looking at the border and the long, difficult journey ahead of them.

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