Church of the Holy Cross

Following its restoration as a monument, the small Hamuliakovo Romanesque church has retained its human, down-to-earth scale, characteristic of Romanesque sacral architecture. The balanced structure of the church building and its interior creates a unique, harmonious impression, making the Church of the Holy Cross one of the most important monuments to Romanesque sacral architecture in southern Slovakia.
13. Ivanka pri Dunaji – St John the Baptist’s Church
The St John the Baptist’s Church – today’s Ivanian Church – is sequentially the third in the village. The first was built by Cyrillic and Methodius pupils – it was a simple wooden chapel. The second church (whose foundation is unknown) was constructed in 1730. It was built from stone with a wooden chancel. The foundations of this second church were discovered when the foundation was being dug for the balusters of the current expanded chancel.
The foundations for today’s church were laid in 1770. It took two years to build the tower. The tower’s clock came from Vienna in 1880 and the organ was added in 1906. The roof structure of the tower had to be rebuilt in 1991.
Documents significant to the time were stored in the orb below the cross – closed in a time capsule as a message to the future inhabitants of Ivanka pri Dunaji.

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