Šamorín – Synagogue

The Šamorín Synagogue was built in 1912. During its construction, the Jewish ecclesiastical community applied not only architectural elements of romantic style but also motifs of the Middle East. The windows of the synagogue were decorated with coloured glass. Its interior is a combination of several architectural styles, which was characterized by several buildings of this period. The balcony, a place for sitting of women, divides the interior into two parts. After the Holocaust, the synagogue was unused, which was associated with a dramatic decrease in the number of members of this ecclesiastic organization. Except for 2-3 families, all Jews were deported from Šamorín. Since 1996, however, it has dawned on better times and a new era of the synagogue has begun. Thanks to the At Home Gallery organisation, it now serves as an exhibition hall for works of art and an occasional concert hall.

Source: https://krajzazitkov.sk/objavuj/place/samorinska-synagoga/

Contact information:
Present use: culture, education, tourism
Address: At Home Gallery, Mliečňanská street no. 6, 93 101 Šamorín
Telephone: 0903-255 681, (031) 562 7999
E-mail: athome@stonline.sk
Web: www.athomegallery.org

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