Trstín-Hájiček – Church of Our Lady

Above the village of Trstín, there lies a historically rare area and pilgrimage site Hájiček with the Church of Our Lady, a wooden belfry, a well and a Calvary. According to the tradition, this site was already known in the 13th century. It is allegedly the oldest patrocinium of the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, as indicated by the archdiocesan schema. The Batthyány canonical visitation of 1782 states that this church was built in 1245, which is confirmed by the inscription in the church: MCCXLV. The late Romanesque foundation of the brick building of single-nave church with an apse as well as the Romanesque semi-circular portal on the south side prove this. At the end of the 17th century (dating 1696 on the chorus), the church in Hájiček village underwent construction modifications.

At the end of the 18th century, a statuette of Our Lady of Sorrows, also known as the Gracious Pieta, was placed in a silk robe in a glass cabinet on the altar of Hájiček Church. Hájiček experienced its blossoming especially after 1764, when the statue of the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows was transferred to the newly built church in Šaštín. Since then, thousands of pilgrims from all over Austria-Hungary travelled to the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary to Šaštín, and Trstín (Nádaš) became one of the important stops on the pilgrimage path.

In the memorial book of the Nádaš parish priest, Anton Foriš, there are recorded interesting notes about miraculous recoveries associated with this place. In 1793, a rumour spread among people that miraculous recoveries of the sick had occurred in front of the statue of the Sorrows Mother in Hajiček.

On 23 April 1794, on command of the vicar, the statue of the Our Lady of Sorrows was transferred to Trnava. The original statue of merciful Pieta was consecrated in June 1923 and returned to its original place to the church in Hájiček. In October 1923, the stone Calvary was ceremonially opened. Pilgrimage site is complemented by a well on a nearby meadow.

Source: Archbishop's Office, Archdiocese of Trnava

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Address: Roman Catholic Parish Office, Trstín village no. 183, 919 05 Trstín
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