Dolné Orešany - Chapel of Holy Trinity

The Chapel of the Holy Trinity is a single-room Baroque building from 1715. It was built to thank for saving the village against the plague that affected the surrounding villages. In the chapel, there are placed status of St. Rochus and the St. Rosalia - patrons against the plague. He chapel is a pilgrimage site. In 1851, the pope Pius IX. granted seven-year indulgences to believers, who, on the Holy Trinity feast day, making repentance, confessing and refreshed by holy communion will piously pray for the concord of Christian rulers, for the removal of heresies and for the exaltation of the Holy Mother - Church In 1946,the chapel was restored and a year later there was built a fencing. In 1986, the interior was restored as well. There are 14 "divine tortures" in the semicircle around the chapel. Within them, there are wooden reliefs of individual stations of the Calvary, which were restored in 2008. There is a cross next to the chapel, which is a memorial to the cemetery spreading in its surroundings, where the inhabitants were buried in times of plague. The pilgrimage traditions have been preserved on the feast of the Holy Trinity and during the service of St. mass at the memory of St. Rochus.


Contact information:
Address: Parish Office, Dolné Orešany village no. 1, 919 02 Dolné Orešany
Parish administrator: Dušan Jurák
Telephone: +421 33 5582 177

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