Chtelnica - Cahpel of St. Rochus

In the mountain valley surrounded by Little-Carpathian forests, to the north-west of the village, there lies the Chapel of St. Rochus. For centuries, the Chtelnica village inhabitants has been travelling here every year. This tradition dates back to the end of the 17th century. As a thanks for the termination of the terrible plague in the years 1680 - 1688, the Chtelnians built a late Renaissance chapel here. This event is commemorated by the altarpiece of the patron saints of the chapel with the saints Rochus, Rosalia, Sebastian and Isidore. This scarce baroque oil painting on canvas is probably from the end of the 17th century. On the sides of the wooden carved niches there are wooden statues of Rochus and Immakulata. They are probably from the late 18th century. The building has been in the list of real estate monuments of Western Slovakia since 1963. The whole building was severely damaged, including the altar painting and statues. The building underwent several repairs in 1788, 1983, 1986. Next to the chapel there is also a stone sculpture of Christ's baptism with John the Baptist from 1806. There are pilgrimages to the chapel every year.


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Address: Roman Catholic Church, parich church of Chtelnica, 922 05 Chtelnica no. 170
Telephone: 033/7794 128

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