Holíč - Parish Church of St. Martin (Premonstratensians)

Church of St. Martin (seat: Square of St. Martin) - it is a Baroque-Classicist building built according to the projects of J.N. Jado in 1752 to 1755. It was originally built along with the adjacent complex of buildings as the monastery church of the Capuchin Order. The monastery was closed during the period of Josephine reforms. The church is single-nave with a straight closure of the presbytery, vaulted with Prussian vaults. The interior is Baroque-Classicist, mostly original from the second half of the 18th century. Since 1755 it has been a parish church and in 1786, at the decision of the Archbishop of Esztergom Joseph Batthyányi, it became a parish church with a permitted change of its consecration to St. Martin. At present, the church and monastery is administered by the Order of Premonstratensians. The monastery is attached to the east side of the church and has a square ground plan with a courtyard in the middle. The rooms in the two-storey building are vaulted with Prussian and mirror vaults. Above the entrance there is an organ choir, seated on three arcade pillars. In the side Chapel of Our Lady there is the altar of Pieta. Holíč Baroque sculpture is one of the most valuable works of art of its kind in Central Europe. The sculpture is more than 300 years old. On the west wall there is a pulpit accessible from the nave by stairs made inside the masonry. In the central axis of the church there is the main altar dedicated to St. Martin and two side altars consecrated to St. John of Nepomuk and st. Anthony of Padua. From the older parish church, a stone baptistery was transported to the Church of St. Martin due to liturgical reasons.

Source: City of Holíč

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