Skalica - Chaple of St. George (rotunda)

The symbol of the town's history is its oldest monument of the Romanesque Rotunda of St. George. It stands on an important historical site, near the original Early-Medieval castle, where the Calvary was built in 1823. The development of the rotunda reflected the major historical milestones that shaped the city. The original Romanesque building was flat-roofed, much lower than it is today. The period of promotion to a free royal city was also a time of extensive reconstruction of the rotunda, which was incorporated as a watchtower into the city fortifications. The building was raised by one floor, while the lower one served for sacral purposes. Traces of prosperity and the greatest development of the city in the Baroque period were also reflected in the rotunda. The dome was replaced with a skylight turret, the entrance portal was enlarged, the windows were replaced and a crypt was built. Rare mural paintings in the rotunda, dating from the late 15th century, are also very scarce. They depict two scenes from the legend of St. George, the saint patron of the building, and are complemented by the coats of arms of the town of Skalica and the Zápolya House. In the interior there is an exposition, which provides closer access to the history of a scarce and unique monument.


Contact information:
Address: Potočná street no. 209, 909 01, Skalica
Telephone: +421 34,664 53 41

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