Dolné Orešany - Church of the Virgin Mary’s Assumption

The Church of the Virgin Mary’s Assumption is located in the centre of the village. Built in the Gothic style, the church dates back to the 14th century and is the oldest building in the village. The church construction is single-nave with a presbytery. The new vault (network rib) of the late Gothic period dates back to 1525. In the church there is a wooden organ, which dates back to 1640.

The late Gothic fragment of the mural painting in the church interior depicts the twelve apostles sitting in a row next to each other, but unfortunately the figure of Christ is destroyed. Baroque wooden Little Calvary is from the first half of the 18th century. The tower on the western side of the church was built between 1518 - 1521. It has a baroque facade and is finished with a masonry pavilion roof. The tower is not terminated by a simple cross, as is the case in Catholic churches, but on the tower there is placed a royal symbol: a pillow with four corner tassels and on it a Hungarian St. Stephen’s royal crown with an inclined cross.

The main entrance to the church is a Gothic stone portal. In the entrance vault centre in the under-tower, there is a block-stone modified as a "cimer" (coat of arms). On it, there is engraved the year 1525, a bunch of grapes and a viniculture knife. On the outer southern side of the church, next to the side entrance, from the presbytery side, there is added the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes. On the other side of the entrance there is a wooden cross. There is a crypt under the church. An original Renaissance fortification wall has been preserved around the church. The church has undergone several repairs. During the renovation of the exterior walls of the church in 1965, on the north side, there was uncovered a mural-painting of the great figure of St. Christopher.


Contact information:
Address: Parish Office,Dolné Orešany no. 1, 919 02 Dolné Orešany
Parich administrator: Dušan Jurák
Telephone: +421 33 5582 177

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