Jurová – Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's Assumption

Classicist church from 1778. It was modified in 1927. The church is a single-nave building with a straight presbytery closure and a built-in choir, covered with a Prussian vault. The facade is smooth. The slender tower is built into the gable frontage, divided by a lisena's frame and covered with a pyramid.

The main altar with the altar cabinet and the hanging painting of the Virgin Mary's Assumption from the first half of the 19th century. The pulpit was classicist from 1778.

Arnold Ipolyi, a well-known architect of architectural monuments of the Rye Island, wrote about the Church of Jurová: “Jurová (Bratislava County), originally called György-Soka-, Suka- or Sika, has been known from the documents since 1253. Church records of visits from Baka - since it used to belong to the parish in Baka - state that the church in Jurová was consecrated in 1519 by the governor of Bishop Epiphania and Archbishop Bakács. It is therefore likely that the then church of Jurová was originally built in Gothic style. This older, redeveloped building was joined by a newer nave. A curiosity about the construction of this church is the legend mentioned by Karcsay (magazine Új Magy. Muz. Volume 1852, page 769), which states that it was installed to its current place by angels; this feature is also mentioned in connection with other churches attended mainly by pilgrims. Jurová was one of the patronimic residences of the counts Erdődi Pálffy, Erős and Katona Houses.

In 1755 the church was enlarged and a tower was built. The western part of the church was demolished in 1788 and a new one was built instead. The new building was consecrated by Péter Ürményi in 1808. The title of the church is the Virgin Mary's Assumption.

Source: Archbishop's Office, Archdiocese of Trnava

Guntherová, Alžbeta et al: List of monuments in Slovakia I. Bratislava: Obzor, 1967
www.jurova.sk (12.10.2015)

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Address: Roman Cathilic church, parish of Jurová, Jurová village no. 1, 930 09 Trstená na Ostrove
Telephone: 031/5597 495
E-mail: farnost.jurova@abu.sk

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