Šamorín – Parish Church of the Virgin Mary's Assumption

The original church has only one nave with a segmental-arched sanctuary. The tower is built into the main facade. The interior walls and the vault are decorated with frescoes and decorative paintings. These are mostly works by F. Sogrist from 1778, which depict the individual milestones of the life of St. Francis of Paula. In the sanctuary of the Šamorín church there is a vaulted fresco depicting the meeting of St. Francis of Paulins with the French King Louis XVI. The sick king heard about the ascetic life and healing abilities of the St. Francis and he called him to Tours through the Pope. Long time Francis did not find courage for travelling, but eventually he told the king that neither he nor Lord God could cure him, and all he could do was to prepare him for Christian death. Today's name of the church is the Church of the Virgin Mary's Assumption. The church and a monastery are connected to the sanctuary by a corridor. The builder of the church organ was Ludvig Mooser, the most famous master of that time. We do not know the original composition, but according to well-preserved organ pipes, it is considered that it originally had 20 registers. Later repairs reduced the quality of the instrument. At the end of the millennium, its condition was already so critical that even a reconstruction and a restoration was being considered, not just overhauling it. In 2005 the reconstruction works on the organ were completed and the organ was reconstructed to its original quality.

Source: http://www.dokostola.sk/kostol/410271-farsky-kostol-nanebovzatia-panny-marie

Contact information:
Address: Kláštorná street no. 2, 931 01 Šamorín
Parish priest: PaedDr. Mgr. Pavol Myjavec, PhD.
Telephone: 031/562 23 61
E-mail: samorin@ba.ecclesia.sk

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