Holíč - Gothic church of the Divine Heart of Jesus

The church was built in 1397 in Gothic style during the reign of Stibor of Stiborice, who acquired the castle dominion from the king Sigismund. It underwent various modifications and was alternately consecrated to St. Martin and to the Divine Heart of Jesus. It is single-nave, vaulted with barrel vault with lunettes. It was rebuilt in the Baroque style and completed with a tower at the end of the 17th century. The Baroque main altar is consecrated to the Divine Heart of Jesus, and the side altars to Our Lady and St. Martin. There is an organ with six mutations on the chorus. The old church bells ended in a metal foundry during the World War I. Tje present ones were installed on 25 May 1924. Benches in the sanctuary and chandeliers made of cut glass come from the chateu chapel of Holíč Castle. The original chapel was built as a Romanesque church, which probably gave the name of the town. In the contemporary sources, Holíč is mentioned as Alba Ecclessia, Weisskirchen, i.e. “white church”. An archaeological survey revealed an even older stone building, so it is basically the oldest building monument in the city. In the close vicinity of the Gothic church there is the Loreto Chapel, which served in the troubled 16th century as an Orthodox church and one of the most famous noblemen Peter Bakič was also buried in it. It gained its present day Baroque appearance in the 18th century, between 1727 and 1779. It is currently without interior equipment and is not available to the public.

Source: City of Holíč

Contact information:
Address: Roman Catholic Church, parish of Holíč, square of St. Martin no. 2, 908 51 Holíč
Telephone: 034-6682214
E-mail: faraholic@faraholic.sk

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