Kopčany - Church of St. Margita of Antiochia

Gothic, originally Romanesque church. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments within the region of Záhorie. Its origin has not been explored in detail yet. The oldest written reference of the chapel dates back to 1554. The existence of the Comenius map from 1627, where the village Kopčany is marked as a medium-sized village with a church located in the area "Hrúdov". The church is located less than a kilometer from Valov - the seat of Great Moravian princes in the village Mikulčice on the Moravian side. Typologically, it belongs to a group of small single-nave churches with a rectangular craft which were built in Central and Western Europe in the 8th to 11th centuries. The results of surveys and research around the church in 1994 - 2000 prove its intensive settlement since the late Stone Age. It reached its peak in 9th to 10th centuries, when a group of settlements was formed on the left bank of the Morava River along the supposed historical road from the Mikulčice settlement Valy to the east. Functionally, it related to the hill-fort Valy. Even after the demise of the Mikulčice hill-fort, life continued in two up to now known settlements near the Church of St. Margita of Antiochia until the 13th century, when this space was probably the last inhabited place of the former Mikulčice agglomeration. Previous research of historical topography suggests that the last inhabitants of the village around the Church of St. Margita of Antiochia left, probably to present day Kopčany village, in 16th -17th centuries. The church probably continued to serve the adjacent territory until the 18th century, when they built a new church in the village.

Source: http://kopcany.sk/Web/sk/Pamiatky

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