Dechtice - Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria (Katarínka, ruins)

The Franciscan monastery and the Church of St. Catherine, located on the road towards Naháč, was founded by the count Christopher Erdödy in 1618. Later, seven chapels were formed within the space in front of it, arranged in a semicircle, which was closed by a sculpture of the Crucifixion on the northern side of the forest. Saint Catherine was a famous pilgrimage site; the monastery was founded in a place where the ancient Chapel of St. Catherine was famous for miracles. Pilgrimages were held here on White Sunday, Whit Monday and the Feast of St. Catherine. Great pilgrimage came here mainly from Trnava. When the Franciscan monastery was cancelled by Joseph II in 1786, everything began to deteriorate. In 1811 the sculpture of the Crucifixion was transferred in front of the parish church in Dechtice. At present, Katarínka is being repaired by young enthusiasts during the holidays.

Today you can see the preserved church ruins with the tower and the remains of the monastery building wing. At the feast of St. Cyril and Methodius, a traditional event - Open Day - is held here. The monastery is also involved in the events Night of castles and ruins and the Night of churches. The ruins of the monastery of St. Catherine you can reach by car - you have to turn to the parking lot, which is between Dechtice and Naháč villages. From there it is about 20 minutes on foot to the monastery. For "little tourists" there are prepared camps, where you can make a real barbecue in nature.


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