Synagogue – Tata

The earliest written mention of the building is a request from 1749, in which Jewish families living in the country town asked for permission to renovate their synagogue from the demesne. The conversion was approved by the demesne, and the applicants paid 1,000 forints into the demesne’s treasury for the designs prepared by Jakab Fellner. This Baroque synagogue was rebuilt in 1861. The designs were prepared by the Sir Ignác Weschselmann, colleague of Miklós Ybl. Part of the square in front of the synagogue was fenced off whilst putting the Old Cemetery Square in order in 1883. It was used as a warehouse from the summer of 1944, and from 1977, the Museum of Greek and Roman Statue Copies was housed within its walls. The building is currently waiting to be restored to use. The text engraved on the granite stone in the building’s garden preserves the memory of the Tata Jews deported to the Auschwitz death camp. On the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day on 18 November 2004, Maria Lugossy’s work, Martyrs of All Time, was inaugurated in the restored synagogue’s courtyard. At that time, the Tata synagogue was declared a Holocaust memorial site by the Komárom-Esztergom County.

Address: 2890 Tata, Hősök tere

Further information: (+36) 34/381-251

The synagogue can be visited during the castle opening hours, but please call beforehand to make an appointment!

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