St Peter and St Paul Church – Császár

The around 500 m2 church in Császár consecrated to the Apostles St Peter and St Paul is located on the village’s main street, at Kossuth utca 107. The 36-metre-high building dominates the centre of the village with its tastefully designed fountain, park and sculpture. The monumental building stands on the site of a church erected at the beginning of the 12th century and was supposedly built in the 1770s based on plans by Jakab Fellner. The entire church interior, its ceiling frescoes and the altarpieces are the work of artist Stephan Dorffmeister. The communion rail created by Master Johann Georg Mess in 1793 and the resurrection candlestick carved from one wooden block are also worthy of attention. One special ornament is the ark-shaped pulpit, a rare treasure in Europe.
Address: Császár, Kossuth u. 107.
Further information:
Sándor Író, parish priest, 06/20-4200447

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