St Michael’s Church – Nagyigmánd

A papal bull notes that there was already a church in Wigmánd in 1102 consecrated in honour of the Virgin Mary. The church we see today was built before 1746. Its parsonage was built in 1749 based on the plans of Jakab Fellner. The church was rebuilt later in 1775-1777 on the order of Count Esterházy. The conversion was also carried out on the basis of Fellner’s plans. The church is a Baroque-style building. The entrance is located in the central axis of the facade with a stone tablet above it noting the date of its reconstruction. There is a stone Esterházy coat of arms above the stone tablet. The church’s interior is a single-naved space, which is divided into three parts. Interestingly, the altarpieces and frescoes are all originals. The high altar is a copy of the work of Italian painter of Guidó Reni. It depicts the Archangel St Michael, the leader of the good angels, who defeated Satan with his courage and strength. He is the church’s patron saint.

Address: 2942 Nagyigmánd, Bercsényi Miklós u. 1.
Kermesse (patronal festival): 29 September

Further information:
2942 Nagyigmánd, Mansbarth u. 2.

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