St Emeric Roman Catholic Parish Church – Tata (Capuchin Church)

The Capuchin monks arrived in the city at the invitation of József Eszterházy. Closed off from the world by their three monastic vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, they are also characterised by their brown tunic tied with a white cord. The church was completed quickly and delivered on 27 July 1746. The builder was Komárom master builder József Kuttner, an apprentice of Jakab Fellner. Its exterior is characterised by consciously applied modesty. The Capuchin stone cross is attached to the exterior wall of the church. The simple exterior conceals an exquisite Baroque interior. The jewels of the single-naved church are its high altar with rich carvings filling its entirety and the side altars built on both sides of the chancel arch. Their composition is based on the designs of Josef Beckert, a sculptor from Vienna, and is the work of carpenter Brother Jácint. Carl Auerbach and Casper Reisner created the paintings on the side altars while the high altarpiece is the work of Ferenc Müller. The painting created in 1890 depicts St Stephen commending the country to the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the presence of his son, St Emeric.
Services: Capuchin Museum and devotional shop
Address: 2890 Tata Bartók Béla út 1.
Further information:
+36 34/380-019

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