St Barbara’s Parish Church - Dorog

The mining ministry church was founded in 1923 in honour of St Barbara; the following year, construction of the church began based on the plans of Budapest chief architect, Zoltán Gáthy. Built in a neo-Romanesque-cum-neo-Renaissance style, it was consecrated by Cardinal József Serédi, Bishop of Esztergom, in 1931. Antal Bánáti Bucher’s work “Dorog Mass” was presented on this occasion. The altarpiece is the work of Lajos Mátrai. The church suffered severe damage in World War II. Its new frescoes were painted by Astrik Kákonyi while József Klotz created its sundial. The tower and clock were restored to their original condition during renovation works beginning in 2000. On the 20th anniversary of Dorog becoming a town, a work by sculptor Róbert Csíkszentmihály was placed next to the church; its angel is reminiscent of the square’s former imposing spectacle, the altar of coal. It is currently an outstanding venue for preserving the mining traditions of Dorog.

Address: 2510 Dorog-Újtelep Bányászkörönd 3.
Kermesse (patronal festival): 12 April
Adoration: 25 May and 27 December

Further information:
2510 Dorog, Bányászkörönd 1.


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