Reformed Church

Dunaalmás has a remarkable church history past. In 1206, a church and Benedictine monastery were built in Almás in honour of St Ladislaus. The Reformation began on 31 October 1517 with the publication of the 95 theorems of Martin Luther in Wittenberg. Subsequently, young people began enrolling at the University of Wittenberg. The rapid spread of the Reformation also played a role in Almás in that the majority of students studying abroad travelled home via the Almás ferry crossing. Around 1500, settling Calvinist families repaired the church and took ownership of it. Today’s eclectic-style church was built on the site of the old one in 1894. The Baroque dome, destroyed in World War II, was restored in 1988. A memorial to the Peace of Zsitvatorok and the victims of World War II stands in the churchyard.

Address: 2545 Dunaalmás, Almási út 78.
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