Reformed Church

The foundation of this freestanding, east-oriented church next to the main road in a churchyard protected by a partly battlemented wall was built in the 14th century and has been expanded and shaped over the decades. There is a tower in front of its single-naved church while it has a polygonal sanctuary with a jerkinhead roof. The sanctuary features Gothic window-cases and buttresses, and Gothic vaulting details can also be seen on the northern facade. The nave is covered by a flat ceiling and has cast iron columns supporting a gallery on the western side. The external wall is partially from the Middle Ages. The churchyard is adorned with Roman tombstone fragments and Gothic carvings.
The so-called “Neszmély head” which could have been an element of the medieval door, placed as a corbel where the lintel joins the wall and conjectured to perhaps depict the church’s architect, has been moved from the church to the Tata Museum.

Address: Neszmély Fő u. 171., Mosó köz 1.
Further information: +36 34-451-771

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