Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Vértessomló

The most important sight in the village is the listed Roman Catholic Church with its ridge turret. The Vértessomló church was built between 1735 and 1738 during the Esterházy period using the ruins of a dilapidated chapel at the edge of the forest. The single-structured Baroque church was built in 1875. The church’s interior is decorated with the statues of Antal Schweiger from Tata while the altarpiece is a copy of the devotional painting of Mary in the possession of the Viennese Capuchins. The church became a place of pilgrimage thanks to this painting. Many pilgrims visit Vértessomló even today, seeking comfort from Mary. There are legends in Vértessomló about why the church stands outside the village and how the devotional painting came to be here. According to the elderly, a shepherd had found the painting of the Virgin Mary hanging on a tree and was sad at the thought of leaving it there. So, he brought it to the chapel in the village. The next day he was leading his flock along the usual path and was amazed to see the painting on the tree once again. He took it down again and took it into the village. This happened thirty times, so it was resolved to build a church near the tree for the painting. However, it is more probable that, in 1736, a citizen, Krisztina Fahrer, painted the copy of the devotional painting of the Virgin Mary feeding Baby Jesus with her milk, which is in the Viennese Capuchin Church. She based it on the original and donated it to the Óvár Capuchins. From there, Father Andrew brought the painting to the Vértessomló reclusory.
A place of pilgrimage of Mary, the solace of those beset.

Main kermesse (patronal festival): 2 July

Further information:
Roman Catholic Parish
2823 Vértessomló
Rákóczi u. 48.
Tel.: 34/493-120

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